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Money laundering (AMLA) →
Money laundering includes any activity in which criminally generated proceeds are funneled into and through the financial circuit for subsequent use in a legal-looking activity. Money laundering aims to ensure that it remains unknown at all times that criminal assets are involved. 
Data protection →
This includes all breaches involving personal data protection regulations and cases of unlawful disclosure of trade and business secrets. Examples: 
  • misuse of data
  • unauthorized disclosure of employee-/customer data to third parties
  • "Theft" or unlawful disclosure of data to unauthorized third parties.
  • inadequate access protection to sensitive data
Environmental protection →
Environmental protection includes any environmental offences and environmental damage For example: 
  • Illegal waste disposal
  • Improper handling of pollutants
  • Water, soil or air pollution
Embezzlement →
This includes all pecuniary offences to the detriment of the company. For example: 
  • Theft or misappropriation of company property
  • . Withholding company funds or work materials
  • Personal enrichment
Conflicts of interest →
This includes situations in which the personal interests of an employee conflict with the interests of the company and the company suffers damage as a result. 
Manipulation of business documents/balance sheets →
This includes offences such as falsification of operational and business documents. For example: unauthorized creation or falsification of invoices, credit notes, financial statements, audit trails, etc. 
Violations of principles of conduct in the workplace and of human rights →
These include violations of working conditions as well as violations of human rights. For example: 
  • discrimination
  • Bullying
  • Unequal treatment
  • Harassment
  • Disrespectful treatment
  • Working time violations
Trust Committee →
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